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AFTS specializes in Firearms education and training courses to fit your learning styles. We offer individual and small class environments to facilitate learning with "your pace" in mind. AFTS offers customized trainings and curriculums to foster experiential learning. Courses are scheduled according to your needs and availability.


Our mission is to create a highly adaptive and experiential learning environment for all participants.


Course Offerings


NRA Home Firearms Safety Certification LTC 007

Course length:  5 hours.
**This is the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course.  The following is included in the course instruction:

Rules for Safe Gun Handling

Identifying and unloading different firearms including revolver and semi-automatic pistols, bolt action, pump, lever, and semi-automatic rifles, and pump, semi-automatic, and hinge action shotguns.

Students practice safe handling and unloading with a variety of firearms.

Types of ammunition, how it works, how to clean firearms and how to store firearms and ammunition.

Class includes Home Firearm Safety Handbook, brochures, and Certificate of Completion.
This course does not involve shooting.  It provides an opportunity to see and handle a variety of firearms, learn to operate, unload, clean, and store firearms, and to become proficient in firearms safety.  This is an excellent course for individuals or families considering the purchase of a firearm or for anyone interested in firearm safety.

This course also includes a Massachusetts Law overview.
**This course (LTC007) satisfies the MA State Police requirement to apply for a License to Carry “LTC” or a Firearms Identification Card “FID”.
Contact: Joe Hattabaugh 508-962-9349 or



AFTS Concealed Carry Course

Discusses different pistol/holster options and explores many different methods of concealed carry. We will also discuss the differences between a home defense pistol, combat pistol and "carry gun". Students will handle different types of pistols to determine which is the best "fit" for their body style. This is a 3 hour course.

AFTS Advanced Concealed Carry Course

This course builds on the foundation learned in the Concealed carry Course and includes drawing from a holster and firing a selected pistol at defensive distances. Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol OR Home Firearms Safety and the Concealed Carry Course. Students may substitute 2 hours of AFTS personal instruction for any NRA prerequisite.

AFTS Basic Tactical Carbine

We will cover the foundational skills of operation, function, maintenence and maksmanship with the AR-15 Modern Sporting Rifle. Special emphasis will be placed on transference of skills for more advanced courses.


Firearms Orientation


Includes 1 firearm and 50 rounds of ammo, additional firearms available upon request. Choose from: AR-15, AK-47, Sig 229, 1911, snub nose revolver, .22 pistol, Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum, Glock 29 10MM, M1A, Beretta M9 and other military pattern firearms. Prices start at $50 per hour and increase based on the caliber.


Private Instruction


Learn the foundational skills of grip, stance and trigger control. this will give you the ability to build skills and perform better with your firearm(s) or ours. Instructional track based on what your interests are (ie. concealed carry, competition etc.) $50/hr


Women Only Courses availible

*NRA Certification courses meet the MA requirement to apply for a "License to Carry" or FID card.