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I have known Joe Hattabaugh for two years now - we share a common interest in shooting and enthusiasm for firearms. I have a background in military rifle marksmanship, and found an interesting complement in Joe with his law enforcement work and knowledge of pistol and carbine Close-Quarters engagement . A firearms instruction company holds merit when it's leadership comes with experience in the field. 
Regarding the specialized skills of tactical CQB work, experience only counts when it is learned in real-life situations. It greatly helps to have contacts in the military Special Operations field, and Joe does, so the tactics he's teaching come directly from the men who perfect these skills after use in combat. Direct feedback is utilized with the aid of video, ensuring that each shooting session yields instant improvement in one's shooting skills. I highly recommend AFTS for anyone who wants to learn about the proper handling and deployment of firearms, ranging from concealed carry to home defense, and tactical situations.

Richard Schmidt


Joe Hattabaugh,

I just wanted to take a minute and say how much I enjoyed training course you taught on gun safety. The course structure and presentation was both in-depth and well thought out. I found the information on handling and safety as well as the laws on gun ownership in Massachusetts to be extremely valuable.  In addition, the hands on portion of the class gave me a chance to apply knowledge and ask important questions.  Great class, both you and your staff are knowledgeable and professional.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. 


 Raymond A. Jarvis


Hey Joe,

I'm very new to firearms and want to learn to use them simply for the recreation and the fun of being able to improve my target shooting skills.  I wasn't sure what to expect from my training session with Joe, and I was truly just looking forward to getting some advice from an expert and getting more comfortable and skilled at firing various caliber pistols and hitting my targets.  My expectations were FAR exceeded.  I was treated with kindness and patience and a level of professionalism that made me feel safe, secure and fortunate to be learning from Joe.  It occurred to me that he was getting as much enjoyment from introducing me to new firearms teaching me how to use them, as I was getting from learning and shooting.  There was attention to detail that made me truly understand and respect the weapons I was shooting and improve my skills in hitting my targets, and he set reasonable and achievable goals for me that led me to walk away from the experience feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment and a new appreciation for the sport, and gratitude for the experience.

Amy Vaughn


“The classes I took with AFTS far exceeded my expectations the instructor/s were personable and highly knowledgeable and Joe ,  the time needed to answer my many , many questions without making me feel  less intelligent  for having asked them.”